Emigrant Road - An Oregon Trail Adventure
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The Making of Emigrant Road

How long did it take you to make Emigrant Road?

I spent two years researching Emigrant Road before I ever shot anything. Then, I put together a twelve-page itinerary and shot the whole thing in thirty-one days; the thunderstorms, the festivals, the wagons at sunset, everything except the titles, a couple of the paintings, and the strawberries (okay, so I took a little artistic license there; arrest me). It took me another year to edit it, and another year or two to get the word out to get bookings.

What equipment did you use?

The following is a listing of some of the equipment that I used.

Camera: Sony DCR-VX1000
Looks like your average tourist camcorder, but it's got three chips in it and extremely good color rendition
Sony DCR-VX1000
Format: Mini-DV
Digital! Yea!
Digital Transfer: DPS Spark via Firewire
I'd have a tough time wishing this piece of hardware on my worst enemies.
Editing: Adobe Premiere software (on a PC-based platform)
The people at Adobe created an incredible tool.
Sony GV-D900
Playback: Sony GV-D900 DV Walkman
What a handy little thing. Projectionists could cue up the tape without the projector being on, using the built-in LCD screen. Lightweight, which is important when you travel as much as we do.
Projection: Sanyo PLC-9000NL with LNS-06 long-range zoom lens option
A revolution for our business. This was the piece of equipment that allowed us do e-cinema. 2100 lumens. Special enhancement technology. Fills a 25-foot-wide screen at 88-117 feet.
Sanyo PLC9000

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