Emigrant Road - An Oregon Trail Adventure
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Been There, Done That, Now Where's The Video (and other questions)?

How can I order this tape?

"Emigrant Road" Home Video

You can order this tape right now at our sister site, AdventureCinema.com.

Click here to go directly to the Order page, which will give you all the information you need to place your order. Thank you!

Is the home video the same as the live show?

The narration for the video was recorded in-studio, and may differ slightly from the live show.

The home video also contains about seven bonus minutes that I just couldn't resist sharing with you. Think of it as the "Director's Cut."

Can I use the video to teach my class or my home-schooled children?

Absolutely! The Emigrant Road home video is currently used by a number of teachers who've seen the live show and want to bring the experience to their students. The show and the video are popular with home-schoolers looking for a way to learn about the Oregon Trail and westward migration while escaping the books for a little while. I've had a number of teachers and even one entire school bring their students to the live show. I love interacting with the students, answering questions and encouraging learning.

While the program focuses on the experiences of the pioneers, it also shows what the trail is like today, including its festivals, recreational aspects, and other activities along today's Oregon Trail. See this page for a scene list. Also, the virtual tour notes which sites are included in the program.

After you've watched the show or the video, come back and utilize the website to reinforce what's been learned (see the Quiz and Teachers pages).

Is this program available on DVD?

Although I am considering an educational DVD version, there are no firm plans to offer the original Emigrant Road on DVD at this time.

Do you have any other programs available?

Yes, 4CORNERS - A SOUTHWEST ADVENTURE and THE ALPS are also available! Explore the mountains, rivers, canyons and cultures of the American Southwest when you visit 4CORNERS. Journey to a land above the clouds when you explore THE ALPS.

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